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Great Tips to Help You Give Your Cat Medications

How do you make your cat take a pill or liquid medication? How how about applying topical medications? I've found that a lot of people hate it just as much as their cats do! Unfortunately most cats need some kind of medication at least once in their lives so today I want to share some resources which can make the process much easier.
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Can Cats Get or Give Legionnaires' Disease?

What is Legionnaires' Disease? Can Cats Get it? A client called and asked me a very interesting question: “Can my cat or dog get or give Legionnaires' Disease?” They were right to be concerned; this disease, unknown to many, can be fatal. A hotel in Philadelphia, PA was the scene of a strange outbreak of pneumonia in 1976 that brought the disease into medical textbooks.
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Poison Ivy and Poison Oak Exposure in Dogs

Overview of Poison Ivy and Poison Oak in Dogs Poison oak and poison ivy belong to a group of plants called toxicodendron. These are also known as Rhus species. The toxic principle in poison oak and poison ivy is urushiol. This toxin is an oil resin found in the plant sap. Dogs are quite resistant to the effects of urushiol but can transmit the toxin to a person.
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Understanding Cribbing and Wind Sucking

Horses naturally want to nibble and graze. In the wild, they keep themselves occupied by wandering and grazing. The domesticated horse, however, may be stabled most of the time, eating and drinking only when he's fed or watered and exercising only when taken out of the stable. In such situations, the horse's natural grazing instincts are somewhat satisfied by substitute behaviors, such as chewing wood in the stall.
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Is Sweetener Toxic to dogs?

Our question this week was: Doctor – I heard something about a sweetener causing dogs to get sick. Does it cause some sort of liver problem? Darla B. Answer Hi – thanks for your email. You wrote asking if sweetener is found to be toxic to dogs. The answer is yes. The ingredient "Xylitol" which is commonly found in sugar-free gum, candies and baked goodies has been found to cause a low blood sugar and possible liver problems in dogs.
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Why is Water Important for Cats

“Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.” W. H. Auden As Auden alluded, water is the basic stuff of life. Living creatures, like young kittens, may go for some considerable time between meals, but not between drinks. Like us, their bodies comprise mainly of water, perhaps as much as 75% water, for an 8-week old kitten.
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