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Top 10 Cat Videos of 2009

Top 10 Cat Videos of 2009

We put together our top videos of this year that we want to share with you. We hope you enjoy!

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Here are the top 10 cat videos of 2009!

10. Cat gets massage - by a Parrot

This is too funny - the Parrot is bigger than the cat!

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9. Help me out - Quick!

I thought I'd like but… .no - help me!

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8. Hungry Cat Makes Due

Hey - when you are hungry - you are hungry. This is a smart and creative cat!

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7. Cat performs Michael Jackson Thriller

This cat is funny - he loves Michael Jackson!

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6. Love Knows No Bounds

Meet Christian the Lion. This is a very sweet story.

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How to give your cat a pill (or NOT)

5. This is a very cute spoof on how to give a cat a pill. If you have ever done it - you will appreciate it!

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4. Born to be Free!

I see why dogs like this so much.

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3. Please put me on your do not call list

This cat knows how to take care of those callers!

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2. Whack-a-kitty

Silly video but… cute.

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1. Fresh Water Anyone?

This cat is a goof ball - (We like him) - One Approach to Giving Your Cat Fresh Water.

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