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How do you know you are a cat lover?

How do you know you are a cat lover?

One of our cat lovers gave us a cool idea that we want to share with you (Thanks Steph!). She suggested we start an article that all cat lovers can contribute to. How do you know when you are a cat lover?

Here are some ways to know…

You know you're a kitty lover when…

1.You've been known to use a flea comb on your own hair in a pinch.

2.You steer people away from a certain chair with the words, “sorry, that's Fluffy's”.

3.You discourage visitors from helping themselves to your peanut butter because muffin sticks her paw in there to help herself.

4.You let your cat drink from the tap before you use it. - Debbie

5.When your cat lays on you and you can't get comfortable but you do not dare move so as to not disturb your sleeping kitty. - Rosemarie Barratt

6.Your cat eats more off your plate than you do. - DFG

7.You kiss your cat on the lips. - Catharine

8.When you allow your cat to sit on your favorite chair and you sit on the floor. - Debbie

9.You show your cat your plate from dinner and let her choose before you eat!- Diane

10.When you measure time by the cats you've had. - Chester Siuta

11.Your cats get better medical treatment than you do! - Sherry

12.I won't go on vacation because I don't want to be parted from my cat! I am quite happy not to go.- Tracey Harding

13.When Cats sleep with their owners they end up stealing their owners pillow and use it as their own fluffy bed to sleep. - Chloe

14.You can't fall asleep until all of them have been accounted for. You talk to others as much about your cats as you do about your human children. When you accidentally step on a tail, you apologize out loud and actually worry you won't be forgiven. When you have to be out of town, you ask the pet sitter to sing the cats' favorite song to them in your absence, and if the sitter doesn't already know the song, you teach it to her. - Amy.

15.You go to the grocery store to buy food, but find you are short on funds, and only buy cat food and catnip. Bunny

16.You know you are a cat lover when every other picture in your cell phone is of your cat and you can't wait to show the latest to everyone at work. - Mimi

17.You know when you are a real cat lover when there is a list on your refrigerator that includes phrases as {for mother, we like our plants to be chewed Be used to it.} or, {for friends, Joseph lives here, you don't so cat-plates, cat-litter, cat-house cat-basket and other cat things are between our other furniture where he wants to be {and thats all over the place} not where you feel comfortable with} - STELLA

18. You let your cat take over “her” side of the bed while you sleep on the edge/can't move your legs/let your arm fall asleep so as not to disturb her. - Faith

19.You refer to your cat as one of your kids. - Lola Laster

20.You know when you are a REAL cat lover when you won't get up and get the phone because you don't want to wake the kitten that's sleeping on your lap. - Holly

21.You let your cat sleep on the heating pad while its turned on. - Kristen S

22.You know your a real cat lover when he digs his claws into your leg and you yell at him, but then you go running after him because you're sorry you yelled at him. - Robert

23.You know you're a real cat lover when… you don't mind sharing your bowl of cereal with your cat. - Pamela

24.Your significant other is forced to sleep on the edge of the bed so Peaches has room to lay comfortably! - Anna

25.You ask your cats what they would like tonight for dinner… chicken, seafood, or beef? Then you set the food cans out and let them choose. Then, you feed them each in their seperate bowls if they each have different preferences for that night. - Denise Bettge

26.When you groom your cat: with your mouth and when… you and your cat share a yogurt - Nicole

27.You tell your cat you love them more than you do your spouse. - Angela Davis

28.My boyfriend sometimes sleeps in the “cat house” we built outside to house some of the 26 cats we rescued! So, I think he's a nut or a cat lover! - Judy Alexander

29.You know you are a true cat lover when your husband brings home a stray “just for you to see” and you adopt it, even though you already have more cats than you are allowed by your landlord. - Sally

30.You refer to the bathroom as the litter box. - Sharon

31.You know you are a cat lover when you would rather stay home on a Saturday night with your cats, than go out on a date. You know you are a cat lover when you have cat pictures all over your desk at work, but none of your family or friends. - Claudia Trecina

32.You let the cat sleep on your head when she has residue poop on her tail. - Ric Whitson

33.You have Four in a 1 bedroom apartment. - Jennifer

34.When you feed your cat whipped cream out of a spoon! - KJ

35.When you are known as ; “the Cat Lady” and when someone asks how many indoor and outdoor cats you have- you- decline to answer! - Maureen

36.You don't get up to get a drink of water, even though you are thirsty, because you don't want to disturb the kitten sleeping on your lap. Bobbi Eller

37.You know you're a real cat lover when you let your sick cat sleep in your bad and you sleep on the floor. ~=~ you know you're a real cat lover when your bed is so full of kittys that you have to squigle your way into bed. - Connie Thornes

38.You have to keep a spray bottle of water on the kitchen table to keep the cats from eating your food. You can't turn over in your bed at night because you might squash one of the cats. - Alison E DeBruhl

39.You proudly wear your cat (fur) to work everyday and love it! - Montana

40.You spend more money on your cats' food than on your own! - Melissa

41.You resist the urge to turn over in bed so as not to disturb the contented sleeping cats nestled up against you! - Lori Vielma

42.When you and kitty eat of the same spoon. - Kay

43.You work at the computer with a cat in your lap… you can't sleep when you know your kitty is under the weather… you roast chicken or turkey for your elderly kitty and feed her broth when her system can no longer can handle commercial cat food… you'd rather pet the kitty than talk to the owner… Hal Force

44.You sit still or sleep in contorted positions for hours because your cat has nestled on you in a way where you don't want to disturb them! - Amy Bingenheimer

45.You let your cat play on your bed. When your children were little, they could not. - Gina Elmore

46.You opt to travel 2 weeks across the country by car and not plane, just so your little furry baby can be comfortable! Isabel
You know you're a REAL cat lover when you wake up with your head on the very edge of the pillow while your kitty snoozes happily on the middle of the pillow. - Michel

47.The first thing you say to the allergist you have been referred to is: the cats are not going anywhere so if I turn out to be allergic to them tell me you have other solutions. - carmen santos

48.Sorry but that is Bodhi's blanket… Teri

49.You set your house up for their comfort first, with warm hide-away places to rest,soft nature music playing round the clock, open windows(no curtains) for them to enjoy, bird feeders outside their window, fresh running water from a fountain… plenty of litter boxes, over stuffed cushions, a wall brush, and floor mat of rubber point to scratch their backs on. - Natalie Carmichael

50.You know you are a real cat lover when you get up at any wee hour of the morning to feed kitty her organic wet food. - Lydia

51.You know your a cat lover when: You walk all the way out to the kitchen with him, and pretend to put fresh food in his bowl, just do he will be hasppy. - Karon

52.It doesn't bother you to eat something the cat has licked, since you kiss her on the nose daily anyway. - Peggy

53.You start talking about Billy and Minnie (my cats) and people ask - are they your children? - Carolyn

54.You let them take their time in the morning, drinking from the bathroom sink faucet before you need it to get ready for work. :o) - Linda

55.Kitty litter in your bed is “no big deal” and you brush it away as if it was fuzz. - Gordon

56.You cried when they tried to take your flea comb (so I would not comb some one to death) when evacuating Katrina with two cats. - Kathy

57.You can't change your position in a chair - or in bed - because Toby is leaning against you. Or, you can't reach the phone to answer it 'cause Toby is in your lap. - Janis

58.You'll quite happily wake from a dead sleep and scoot over so that “kitty” can get more comfortable - Nicole

59.You know you are a real cat lover when you drink you glass of water after your cat has drank out of it!!!!! - SusanCarr

60.Waaaaay back, when Kael and Odin were kittens, I used to carry them around in my mouth if my hands were full. Kael and Odin were very sick kittens and needed a lot of care and attention.- Emily Rose Nuttall

61.You buy off-brand, cheaper food for yourself so that you have the money left for the expensive name-brand food for your cats. -Colleen

62.You know you are a real cat lover when you take up as little space as possible in your own bed to make sure fluffy gets as much space as he needs. - Kelse Schapp

63.I was told I was a real 'cat lover' when I informed my boss that I would need a half hour break in between my double shifts so I could go home and 'feed my critters'. She asked me when I had my supper break, and I replied “right after the cats have theirs”. (She gave me an extra 15 minutes for 'cuddle time'!) - Lori Baron

64.You let them have just a “little” of your cereal because they are begging. When you buy a toy everytime a new one comes out. When let them drink out of the dripping tap, because they prefer that. I could go on and on. - Brenda

65.Miss Kitty' nudges your hand looking for a gentle back sratch BEFORE 'Duke', your St,Bernard, jumps in your lap licking your face all over. - Donald Mayer

66.You know you are a REAL cat lover when all of your company turns their back to you as they are leaving and say, “how do I look?” - Millie

67.Your cat licks you and you call it exfoliating. - Jewels

68.There is a rule in the house that if one has a cat on his/her lap that they are not required to answer the phone, the door bell, etc. - Samantha Polen

69.You know your a REAL cat lover when you make your husband sleep on the couch because Abby is already sleeping on his side! - Gail Will

70.You Know your a Cat Lover When… you sleep on the couch and they have the bed - Gina

71.You allow your furbaby to enjoy dinner at/on the dinner table with you, my kitty loves having dinner with me and when my dinner is something she & he will enjoy that makes it even better 😉 I share, I love my furbabies. - Angie

72.You love them as much as they love you! - Jean

73.When your cat licks the butter.and you don't tell anyone about it. - Shelia

74.When you start talking to your cat about the bad day you had at work and then ask :what should we have for dinner - Sue

75.Your cat decides to sleep on your stomach/chest and you find that you are hungry or have to go to the bathroom, but are reluctant to get up because you do not want to disturb the sleeping cat and decide to wait awhile. - Theresa

76.You go out in a snowstorm because Princess Precious Perfect is out of her favorite brand of canned cat food - Kelly

77.You know you are a real cat lover when you go out in the pouring rain to loosen the soil for Reggie's toilet. - Diana

78.You know you are a real cat lover when you cut up the carpet in the rear of your new Jaguar after Reggie has accidently peed on it, on his way to see the Vet. - Diana Lainson

79.You know you are a real cat lover when you give Reggie the last piece of your smoked Scottish salmon.- Diana Lainson

80.When you stand on the toilet to put your black pants on so they don't get cat hair all over the legs. - Sue

81.You can't rearrange the furniture because the cats like to sit on the back of the couch and look out the window. You don't invite people over unless they like the cats and vice versa. - J powers

82.You have cat hair all over your outfit and you don't care because you live by the rule “No outfit is complete without cat hair!” - Holly

83.You say “hello” to your cat before saying “hello” to family member(s). - Anne Marie

84.Strangers at work walk up to you to ask you about a problem with their cat because you helped out someone they know with their cat. - Karen Brown

85.You know you are a real cat lover when: The cut crystal bowl on the dining room table is the cats water dish.- Joy

86.You go to the supermarket; the first thing you buy is cat litter and then you buy the tastiest cat food. Then you look for specials for dinner, your dinner. - Graham H

87.You save part of your “market price” seafood dinner from a fancy restaurant because you just KNOW your cat would love Maine lobster. - Maya

88.You know you're a real CAT LOVER when… You feel like your place is really their place and they are just being kind enough to share it with you-out of the goodness of their hearts. Also-you know you're a real cat lover when you kick your lover out of bed and prefer to cuddle with your kittys. - Karmen Mateus

89.You know you are a cat lover when eating out and happen to order a fish dish, you put some aside to take home so that you can give it to fluffy at home. - Midori help feral cats - Jp

91.When there is no room in the bed for your husband because ALL the cats and dogs are in it with you!!! - Candy Heidel

92.You know you are a REAL Cat lover when, at feeding time, you painstakingly lay out the cat food in each of their special bowls and places as the dogs, on the other side of the room, are whining and drooling as they wait their turn because… they know they will be fed after the cats. - Donna

93.You might be a cat lover if… you fix her food before your own… you worry about her getting enough “face time” with her friend, the cat next door… you let her train you to getting up at 3am to feed her fresh food, not the stuff thats been in her dish for just hours and hours… - tom

94.When you sleep without a pillow at night just so you don't have to move kitty and bother him. He, of coures, expects nothing less! -Dewilynn W.

95.You have to buy a memory card for your cell phone to hold all the pictures of your cat(s) - Laureen

96.You spend more money on cat toys then groceries - Melissa

97.You play with the cat toys more than the cats do.… you buy cat toys because YOU think they look fun. - Elmina

98.You have to crawl into bed and move your husband over because Sugar is sleeping in your spot and you don't want to disturb her.- Michelle

99.Your cats have their own bedroom, complete with their own bed, matching pillows and comforter. - donna haynie

100.Your cats have dinner with you, and they have heir own place at he table! - Leeena

101.When you buy black forest chicken and ham at the deli for the cat. - Judie

102.You know you are a real cat lover when… You move over in bed to give the cat room to sleep. You know you are a real cat lover when… you get them breakfast before you make your own. You know you are a real cat lover when… You start calling a closet, spare bedroom, or other place The Cat's Room. You know you are a real cat lover when… You pick another chair to sit in because the cat is in your chair. - Ed

103.You know you are a real cat lover when… you brush your teeth standing over the bathtub because you don't want to disturb your cat who's sleeping in the sink. - Aimee

104.You know you are a cat lover when, despite your allergies, she sleeps on your pillow. Andrea Haynes - Andrea

105.Even though your arm is asleep, you won't turn over in bed because it might disturb the cat. - Karla

106.Do not touch the remote control on the T.V set when my cat snowy is watching a program or she would give you a dirty look like she is telling you to leave it a lone that is a real cat lover Neal - neal

107.You know you're a real cat lover when you will stay in one uncomfortable position so as not to disturb sleeping Lulu. - Carole Barker

108.when you see your cat limping and you reach down to see what is wrong and she licks your face to tell you that she loves you - Kat Seaver

109.Most of your jewelry, towels, mugs, shower curtains, comforters, aprons, and well, everything, has cats on it. You smuggle your cat into a movie and take her for a ride to see the Christmas lights. You take your cat to Christmas eve service, when there isn't an animal blessing. You write a column on cat care, but put it in her words and give her all the credit You drop friends who are allergic and complain about your house, car, even your clothes. You find yourself talking about your cats at the intermission of the opera instead of the last act. You can't sleep at night unless she is in the crook of your arm. You find yourself buying her pretty collars that she doesn't need.-
Peggy Ann Bliss

110.I took a cat in that was a stray so it wouldn't get eaten by coyotes and she has returned my good deed by not using the litter box. I pick up her feces everyday, thank goodness she is a little constipated. The floor is concrete and I spray a disenfectant on the spot , later I mop with clorox. I let her stay, I can't put her outin the cold again. Barbara Colllins

111.You share your milk with your cat… out of the same glass. 2. You NEVER move your kitty even when you have no place to sleep on your own bed and, you don't even have any covers. 3. Do dye your hair to match your cat, so you can be more like her. 4. You try out the cat pole before you give it to your kitty to make sure it is safe. Mady

112.When you patiently wait, while your cat stretches in front of the computer screen and then decides to sit and stare at you. Lynnda

113.You are a real cat lover when you eat out one side of a take home container and your cat eats out of the half. Nancy

114.You push your husband all the way to the other side of the bed to make sure the cat enough stretch room on the bed. - Kelly

115.You know you love your cat when you make your husband move over in bed so your cat has a space to sleep! Jackie

116.You sit on the kitchen floor and eat with them. Pam

117.When your making something with tuna and not much gets in the recipe because the cat gets some first and by the way they already had their dinner. Catherine

118.You get up at 5:00 am to give your cat breakfast and you don't even work. Lora Fisher

119.You get up at 5:00 am to give your cat breakfast and you don't even work. Lora Fisher

120.You know you are a real cat lover when the cat gets more grated cheese than the pizza. Anne

121.You let your arm go numb to the point of a cramp just so that you don't awaken the bundle of fur that is napping there. Patti

122.Morning Coffee is served AFTER the cats are feed. Paula Martin

123.When you go to bed at night and hold on to your cat laying beside you instead of your husband Karen

124.You Know You are a REAL Cat Lover When… You put the thermostat up higher than you know you should because your cat likes it that way. You buy too many cozy catbeds for your cat and decide you didn't need that new mattress anyway. You buy the highest premium food for your geriatric cat even when it means you will budget much more tightly for your own diet and you are so happy with your decision. You have started to offer your cat anything on your plate that he can safely have and you don't mind eating from the same plate. You can't resist buying new toys and stuff for your cat even before you buy stuff you thought you needed but changed your mind in favor of the cat's needs and it was well worth it. You arrange the furniture so that your geriatric cat can easily navigate rooms above the cold drafts at floor level even though you may have to walk sideways through some places in your home because weatherstripping the sliding glass windows didn't work. Paula Ishak

125.when you eat the bread and they get the tuna richard mammarello

126.A visitor sees the cat and says “here kitty, kitty, kitty… instead of it's name EagleSong. - Grant

127.You choose your friends based on their lack of allergies.… you consider cat hair to be a fashion accessory.… you can tell whose fur you have on.… you can tell your cats apart by the feel of their fur as you pet them.… you know who just jumped up on the bed when you're sleeping (and you have multiple cats). Karen Thompson

128.You know you're a real cat owner when you leave your favorite bathrobe on the bathroom counter rather than hanging it up because the cat love to curl up on it and sleep ther. Barbara

129.When you use your own hair brush to brush your cat's hair. When you let your cat eat out of your plate with you. Sharon

130.You know you are a real cat lover when… .The cat is sleeping on you lap and you ask someone else to make you a drink because you don't want to disturb the cat. Leonie

131.You stop using a lint brush on your clothes & people say oh you have a cat. Yup! cheryl princz

132.You have to put ketchup on a french fry or patches won't eat it.janise Medaglia

133.Your cat has his own bar table in the kitchen just for him… You get up everytime your cat meows, even if you were sleeping… AND you know what each type of “meow” means Heidi

134.You know your a real cat lover when you leave the T.V. on for your furry friends, for entertainment, when you leave the house for the day… Denise Meloche

135.You get up at 3 am to give your cat a snack because you can feel her staring at you through your closed eyelids… laurie

136.You greet your cat with a “head butt”. Jennifer Pierce

137.You can't get comfortable at night because you don't want to disturb your cat's rest. Rachel Thiessen

138.When you find toy mice half way through the day in your bag at work. Mary

139.You know you are a real cat lover when you allow cat to lick ice cream from same spoon you put back in your mouth!!!! Sand

140.You think it's OK that your cat just chewed up you visiting foreign friend's passport, because all cats can do what they want to do as long as they won't be harmed in any way, shape or form… Catnip

140.You think it's OK that your cat just chewed up you visiting foreign friend's passport, because all cats can do what they want to do as long as they won't be harmed in any way, shape or form… Catnip

141.You let your cat eat out of your plate! Sherry

142.I know I am a real, “Real” cat lover when I wrap my 2 year old female black and white Tuxedo cat like a baby,in a blanket or towel, and she purrs, and falls asleep on my lap! 🙂 “Meeeoooww” Signed cat lover, Patricia Porter 🙂 Patricia Porter

143.You can't get to sleep at night without first being “kneaded” 2.You can even make friends with a feral cat. Harry

144.You buy an electric blanket for your bed and your cat has her side put at 4pm so she doesnt feel the cold! roxy and cuddles

145.When it takes you a long time to carefully roll over in bed… because your cat is sleeping on top of you. Gavi Meye

146.You take your allergy meds just so you can snuggle and sleep with your cat in bed. Michele

147.You put your book down because your cat wants your attention! wendy stampaha

148.You know you are a Real Cat Lover when the hair, the throw-up {especially on something you've just purchased},the just left the litter box smell, the feed me vibes everytime you walk into the kitchen, the pain of losing one no matter how long they've been with you, the ever increasing vet cost, the cat in the lap everytime you sit in your lounge chair, and the anixousness of getting home to make sure they're OK doesn't bother you any longer. Tommy Sipka

149.I know I'm a real cat lover because I stand in the street to stop traffic until my outside stray cats cross when I call them to eat. Connie

150.You have a queen size bed but still don't sleep comfortably to make room for the cats. Calleigh

151.You know you are a cat lover when , cat hair is considered a condiment in your house. Doug H.

152.You let your cat crawl up and lie on your chest, even when you're sick in bed.… you climb under the bed to retrieve your cat's favorite toys, since he won't.… you spend more on Christmas presents for your cat, than for your husband. Cheryl

153.A friend says you know, You can put the cats outside or I have to leave and the cats never go out… . Charlie

154.Your cat has had a UTI Infection and needs to eat wet food but will ONLY eat it out of your hand. Ugh, but doable to get her healthy. You can always wash your hands. Wendy

155.You know you are a REAL cat lover when… . you have more pictures in your wallet of your cats then you do of your human family and you show them off to everyone! Lillian Seward

156.You consistently introduce kitty #2 as “my middle child.” Jenny

157.You stay in the recliner to let your cat continue sleeping on your lap - even when you need to eat or do anything else at all. Marilyn winspear

158.You sleep on the edge of your queen size bed because “Fluffy” has stretched out across the rest of it, and you allow her to stay that way. Kate

159.when you are starving but you feed your kitty first 2)when you are squished to one side of your Queen bed so as not to disturb your kitty's sleep caren

160.My cat loves to play. I tied a little stuffed mouse to the end of a long heavy string and now I walk around the house with the string wrapped around the loop on my jeans. My cat is chasing the mouse on the other end. He loves it. I NEVER leave the string out at night - Charlie could get tangled in the string. Liz

161.I have eight small dishes of dry catfood on the floor. Each dish has the vendor's name scotched taped to the bottom of the dish. By tomorrow, I'll know exactly what kind of dry food he likes when I find that dish empty! My fellow cat lovers and I shared small portions of our varied cat food for this test. My cat is very finiky! Liz

162.You know you're a real cat lover when you are late because the cat was sleeping on your lap and you couldn't get out of the chair. Hannah Lee

163.When you buy him food dishes matching your own dinner set… when you don't use your bathtub because he likes to sleep there… whenyou get up at 3am and play with him because you feel you neglected him a bit during the day Ulrika

164.You are forced to take a nap on the sofa because your cat is on your bed and you don't want to disturb it! Emma

165.When having a fuzzy cat butt in your face is actually endearing. Camille

166.You give up on wearing black and other dark-colored clothing because keeping the cat hair from showing up on it is a lost cause. Lou

167. 1.When he's sleeping, you cover him with a little blanket. 2. When he's on your kitchen chair, you get another chair to use. 3. You turn the basement light on so he can see to use his litter box. Ruth

168.You know you are a real cat lover when you get the Animal Control Officer to leave the Stray Cats alone and to bring you food to help feed them. val Klish val klish

169.You know you are a real cat lover when you get the Animal Control Officer to leave the Stray Cats alone and to bring you food to help feed them. val Klish val klish

170.You know you're a cat lover when… you let Princess sleep under the covers between you and your true love. Kati Short

171.your cat looks better as a dining room centre piece than the expensive one you bought! Laurna're allergic to cats and you still keep them! Allison

173.You know you are a REAL cat lover when you ask them a question… and WAIT FOR AN ANSWER! C. Williams

174.You know you are a real cat lover when you pay an extra $150 to have your cat cremated separately, have her ashes and little bones put in an urn, and bring it back and bury it(minus urn)in the family plot, so that the whole family can be together. Shirley Harshaw

175.You know you are a REAL Cat Lover When… you find the cat sleeping in YOUR Chair so you sit some where else. Meezermom

176.You sleep in one position all night (and wake up in severe pain) so as not to disturb the cat who is sleeping on you. Joann

177.You sleep clinging to the edge of the bed because the cats have taken the middle and you don't want to disturb them. richard Kraus

178.You know you're a real cat lover when you share your ice-cream cone with Simmy or Tinky… a lick for me , alick for kitty,a lick for me ,etc.,etc.,.You get the picture. Lorraine

179.You know your'e a REAL Cat Lover When cat fur become a common condiment. Patti Finc

180.You sleep on the couch because your kitty is on your side of the bed. kay Atkinson

181.You pick up your senior kitty and place her on the bathroom sink, wait for her to finish, then put her back down; just so she can drink from the faucet. Heather

182.You know you are a real cat lover when you put electric heating pads in every chair in your house, leave every blind in every window up 12 inches in daylight hours so your cats can look out the windows, put a bird feeder and bird bath outside a window for the cats' entertainment, install a cat door and a cat-fence-in system around your wooden backyard fence so your cats can go in and out of your backyard anytime day or night without being able to leave it (and have a litter box out there so they won't have to use dirt if nature calls), all the calendars in your home have cats on them, have three cat trees, two scratching posts and cat play tunnels for them to play on, have an aquarium with a lid on it with fish to entertain your cats, have those little round, flat cat beds on the floor by every window so your cats can lie in the sun if they so desire, have a special room in your house decorated and designated as the cat's room so that they can go in there if they would like, leave the tv on Animal Planet while you are away so the cats won't be bored and sleep with anywhere between 2 and 6 cats in your bed every night. Sondra

183.You know you are a real cat lover when you can't get to sleep because you baby isn't in yor arms, and your loving husband gets up to go find her. Baby is yor 7 1/2 year old kitty and always sleeps with you. Nancy

184.You sleep in a chair because the cats took yout bed. Toni Acree

185.You know your a cat lover when,, you sit and let your cat give you “love bites” on your nose knowing its going to hurt. Crystal

186.When your grandson's first words to you when you call are “How are the kitties”, and your friends first words are “How many cats do you have now?” For Christmas, Birthday or Mother's Day your children give you gift cards to PetSmart. Hill Country Cats

187.You know your a cat lover when you stay home to watch TV and play with them on a Saturday night. That's what I do. Diane vane

188.You dream about your cats every night while away on vacation! Catherine

189.You know you're a REAL cat lover when you let her take a sip of your milk in the cereal bowl and you continue to eat your cereal afterwards. Cat hair or no! Gina

190.Then you let pumpkin lick your plate when you are done eating Shelia

191.Your cat paws on the closet door at 2 am to wake you up because she is cold and wants to snuggle in the warm blankets with yo