The man that rescues dogs

The man that rescues dogs

The man that rescues dogs on the side of the road isn't an animal rights activist, according to the man himself.

"I was always taught that you should do whatever you can to help people in need," said David Ochoa.

His goal is to rescue as many dogs as he can. He said he does it for the animals.

"It gives us joy. We get very attached to the animals," said Ochoa.

He said he's been working with Animal Control for nearly 20 years, most of that time in Los Angeles.

This time, his goal is to save as many abandoned, stray, and injured dogs as possible. He will take them all to the pound.

Ochoa believes that with good sheltering conditions, the dogs will be well taken care of.

"It's a place where the dog knows he has a second chance at life," said Ochoa.

While Ochoa said most of the time it is easy to take in a stray dog, he says it's more difficult when the dog has behavioral issues.

For example, he said a few days ago a dog arrived with no microchip and another with a big black patch over his eye.

"We're having a really hard time keeping the dogs in our kennel," he said.

Ochoa said one of the dogs that arrived was in so much pain, he said he had to spend the night in his van. The next morning he took the dog to an emergency vet.

"He was having severe pain in his hips," he said.

Ochoa said he's hoping that by having the money to fund the rescue effort, he can save as many of these special dogs as he can.

Ochoa said the people who are giving the money are generous people. He hopes that by rescuing these dogs, he can return them to the world in a better place.

"If they come into my life, they're going to have a better life," he said.

To give to the rescue effort, you can check out to donate. Ochoa says the rescue can take up to five months to process. He says after that, you'll get a receipt for every dollar donated and that all money will go toward buying food, supplies and vet bills.

If you'd like to learn more about the shelters that are taking dogs in, click on the image below for links to their websites:

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