Cat blinking one eye

Cat blinking one eye

Cat blinking one eye. "Hmmmm, let me think." "Oh."

Pyrrha: "Aww. Poor little baby girl." Blake: "Heh heh." Pyrrha: "You are a wonderful mother."

Blake: "No, seriously, it was an honor to be your partner." Pyrrha: "Oh, I'm sure you meant it as a compliment, but I was only with your daughter for an hour and a half. I'm a professional, after all."

Blake: "And you're the one who keeps me awake all night."

Pyrrha: "I don't see how that's a fair trade." Blake: "You're a very talented man and I want to do whatever I can to help you grow." Pyrrha: "You're trying to get me to admit I have bad taste in men?"

Blake: "Nope. You're the one who's still hung up on Summer." Pyrrha: "I did not sleep with Summer." Blake: "Not yet."

Ruby: "Aww, what do we have here? Someone with a crush?" Yang: "Nope, just my little sister."

Pyrrha: "Yang, that's a really poor attempt at a joke." Yang: "Sorry."

Pyrrha: "Blake, can I borrow your daughter for a minute? I need to talk to her." Blake: "Sure." Ruby: "Whazzup, sis?" Pyrrha: "Nothing." Yang: "Is something up?" Pyrrha: "It's fine, but I need to have a little talk with Ruby, so if you two would be kind enough to take her to the yard for a little while."

Pyrrha: "I was hoping Blake would've filled you in by now." Yang: "Well, no, actually. I kind of did fill Blake in." Pyrrha: "Uh-huh." Yang: "And I just thought she'd wanna know." Pyrrha: "You do know that the one thing about your friends that's great about them is that they stick up for each other, right?" Yang: "Yeah, I guess so."

Ruby: "Whazzup?" Pyrrha: "Not much. Would you like to go outside for a while?" Ruby: "Sure." Pyrrha: "I'll take you to the garden then. Yang and I are going to go check on Summer."

Pyrrha: "Blake, I think you better go talk to her. She needs some space." Blake: "All right."

Weiss: "Why? What's going on?" Winter: "Just a girl thing."

Pyrrha: "How did it go?" Nora: "Badly." Pyrrha: "Oh." Nora: "She told me all about how you've been feeling lately." Pyrrha: "I'm sorry." Nora: "She just doesn't seem to know how to handle the... feelings." Pyrrha: "If it helps, Weiss hasn't said a word to me about her feelings towards me." Nora: "Oh, that's good." Pyrrha: "But... yeah, it does. Thank you for letting me know." Nora: "Of course." Pyrrha: "And Blake... thank you for telling her." Nora: "You're welcome. I don't want her to get hurt." Pyrrha: "Me neither."

And the final chapter:

Nora: "Thank you. You did a good thing. That was a really hard conversation to have, and I don't think I'm ready to tell Blake just yet." Pyrrha: "I know." Nora: "But she needs to know." Pyrrha: "Blake's strong, but it's hard for her to open up." Nora: "Yeah, but I told her about everything that was going on with you." Pyrrha: "And?" Nora: "She told me not to tell you." Pyrrha: "That's stupid." Nora: "We're friends. This is stuff that's best said face-to-face. We'll figure it out together." Pyrrha: "Yeah. It'll be fine."

Nora, after Pyrrha explained her reason for hiding the conversation, looks down, and then back up:

"No!" Pyrrha looks up in alarm, her eyes widening: "No, Nora, I told her not to! I-I don't know what's happening with Weiss, but-but you don't just start talking to people about these things like they're your-your secrets, okay? We keep this between us for now, okay?" Pyrrha puts her hands on Nora's shoulders, her eyes still wide with alarm. "This is between us. Okay?" Pyrrha repeats.

And, of course, as Ruby said earlier, it's just gonna take some time to get all of this straightened out.

Thanks for reading.

~ RWBY's little sister, Pyrrha Nikos' little sister

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