How big is a dog's brain

How big is a dog's brain

How big is a dog's brain?


The answer is a little under half a pound in weight. That’s the average weight of a dog’s brain, which is just a little smaller than the average human’s (and less than a third of the average person’s).

According to the article in the New York Times, the brain of an adult dog is the size of a softball, and it has the volume of about a small walnut.

The brain is about one-third larger than the average human brain,

about the size of a small, dried, walnut.

A person who weighs 200 pounds, for example, has a brain with an

estimated weight of 11 pounds. If you had two dogs with equal

intelligence but one weighed 200 pounds and the other 10 pounds,

which dog would you like to have for dinner?

The article goes on to explain how some dogs have a larger proportion of white matter in their brain.

The white matter is like the wiring that connects the brain cells to

each other.

The gray matter has more neuron cell bodies, which are the brains’

functional components.

While some scientists think the size of gray matter might help predict

an animal’s intelligence, many researchers do not think so. They say

an animal’s brain size is more indicative of how much its parents

feed it and how much physical activity it gets.

And finally, the article goes on to explain that dogs’ brains are proportionally smaller when compared to the rest of their body size.

The other interesting aspect is that as the body grows in size, the

brain remains about the same size. This is true in humans, but is

true only to a point. At a certain point, the brain stops growing

because the brain has reached a developmental stage.


"A dog's brain is the size of a softball."

It's actually a walnut in proportion, and less than half the size of the average human brain, but this is one of the most commonly used approximations for humans.

This article is not the only one saying this, and I don't have an original source to cite.

The size of a dog's brain is roughly equivalent to a basketball, which means it is the size of about half a human brain. It has about the same weight as a walnut, but the proportions of gray matter to white matter are about the same as a human brain.


The ratio of brain weight to total body weight in dogs is about 0.15% higher than that in humans.

The ratio of brain weight to body weight is known as the encephalization quotient (EQ).

For any kind of animal, the EQ is expected to increase as you go from a smaller, more primitive species to a larger, more complex species. This is the pattern that is followed by other species, including humans.

In the case of dogs, the EQ is higher than in humans because of the larger brain. Dogs are also much closer to primates than they are to

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