Dog sidecar for bike

Dog sidecar for bike

Dog sidecar for bike

I've been riding motorcycles for almost 10 years now, my last one being a Sportster, and I'm thinking of getting a doghy. I'd like a sporty looking doghy, but also like to keep the dog close, like a bike buddy. I was thinking about getting a K2, but there are quite a few of them on the market and I'm not sure which one to get. I know they have dog seatbelts, but that means that the dog is in the back, and I like to keep the dog close. I was thinking of getting a doghy, maybe a K1, and getting a motorcycle sidecar kit for the doghy. I've also seen some people who got their doghy on a Kawasaki and had it strapped to the side of the motorcycle, but I don't think they would ride it around because it's strapped to the side of the bike. Any suggestions?

I would think you would need to find a used K2 and then purchase a dog seat harness and a motorcycle sidecar kit. You can get the dog harness and kit as a kit and assemble yourself if you so desire. This does limit your options. There is a kit called Doggy Bike that I use with a Kawasaki and it works great, I highly recommend it to everyone I know. It is much less expensive than what you may want to spend on the kit. The Doggy Bike can be purchased from K&,N Performance and other motorcycle shops as well. It is a great kit to help get the doggy into the back of the bike. You need to make sure your dog is large enough to fit in the back. If it's too small then your dog will probably end up on the ground.

I bought a used '99 K1. My dog likes to sit on the seat. The seat has a large opening in the center which she fits in easily. I didn't have a dog seat harness at first, and she learned to be content just leaning over the edge of the seat. Then, about a year later, I found a used seat harness, but they were going for a lot more money than I could afford. So, I bought one of the doggie bike kits. It has a seat harness with straps that attach to the motorcycle side-rl. I didn't have to have the dog go in backwards. It was an adjustment to be sure. My dog and I both love it. Now we are thinking of replacing the bike with a K2. I would not consider the dog sidecar for my dog if it is a small or medium sized dog.

The K2 and K2C are the same with some slight differences. They are made by Kawasaki. They are similar to the sportster. The K2 is a little smaller than the Sportster. It has the dog's back seat in the back of the bike. The K2C is like the K2 with a passenger back seat. They have a "C" for the passenger seat.

The Sportster has a "saddlebag" that the K1 does not. A dog carrier. The Sportster can carry an adult up front, and it is usually loaded down with the bag, so the dog has to get in backwards. The K2 and K2C have a "dog's back seat" that the Sportster does not. The K2C is made in Australia. They have different size seats in the back of the bike. I think the K2C seats are the same size as the K1. The dog gets in backwards. There is an adjustment for the dog. My dog likes to have room to jump.

If you're looking for a doghy, consider a smaller doghy. I have a K2 and a K2C and I love the bike, but I am not crazy about the doghy. The K1 is just a little too large for my dog.

I have a Sportster 1000 and love it, but I don't like the sidecar. I am not crazy about the K2 or K2C. I am still going to get another Sportster 1000. I love the doghy, but I am not so sure about the sidecar.

My dog loves it, but I don't like it. My dog has a lot of personality, and is too big for the K1 or Sportster 1000. The K2 or K2C are too small for her.

The K1 seat in the back looks like a regular motorcycle seat, but it has a back rest and a small opening to hold her while in the seat. My dog is very skinny and can't go in all the way. She can go in sideways, or backwards. She can stand on the seat. I can hold her in the back while I am riding. I don't know if it will work if you have a larger dog.

My dog loves it. I am having trouble riding with her in the sidecar. She doesn't like it. She wants to ride on the back of the bike. It would be great if she would let me ride with her. She likes the bike, but she doesn't like the doghy. She loves to ride with me. The sidecar isn't fun for her.

I got a K1 for my dog. I love it, but she is a little too big for it. I love the doghy, but I am not crazy about the sidecar. It doesn't work very well for me and my dog.

I ride with my dog on the back of my Kawasaki, my wife rides in the back, so she can hold my dog in the back while I ride. I love it. I have no problems with my dog jumping on the back of my bike. He is very athletic, and he has a lot of personality. He loves the bike. He loves the sidecar, and it is easy for him to jump in and out of the sidecar. He loves it when I take him for rides on the back of my bike. He likes riding with me. It is easy for him to jump off the bike

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