Clifford the big red dog meme

Clifford the big red dog meme

Clifford the big red dog meme

Clifford the big red dog meme is a meme which has become an internet phenomenon as a result of its appearance in a YouTube video featuring a clip of a person imitating the voice of Clifford the Big Red Dog, an animated children's television character. In the video, the imitator first speaks with a British accent, then in a faux Japanese accent, before changing back to a British accent. The clip appeared to have been intended for the entertnment of young children, and the person imitating the voice of Clifford has been described as "one of the internet's first pop culture stars".

A similar situation has occurred with other internet memes, notably the cat meme, dog meme and even with the person who originated the Clifford character.


The original video clip was posted by YouTube user "TheBigManInMyPlace", who clms that he is "A British man who is not very confident in my speech when speaking foreign languages". In a later interview, he clmed he had seen the dog "some 30 years ago", while others believed it was posted on YouTube in 2012, with the appearance of the clip coinciding with the 100th anniversary of Japan's modernisation under the Meiji period.

The origins of the dog meme may be a combination of people using the video clip and Clifford the Big Red Dog to parody the English language, and other cultural references, such as the dog meme and the YOLO, or You only live once, slogan. While the origins of the person and the dog meme are unknown, and even whether they are one and the same, the idea was most likely influenced by Internet user "Pomturtle", whose videos included similar voice impersonations.


The video has been viewed over two and a half million times, and was reported on by news websites such as the Huffington Post, TIME and Business Insider. The video made international headlines, and media outlets such as The Huffington Post described the person in the clip as a "YouTube legend" and "video star", and The Dly Telegraph's Richard Ingram wrote that the video was "one of the biggest viral videos of all time". The Guardian described the video as "the most controversial viral video since the one that went viral", and The Telegraph named it one of the "most discussed YouTube videos ever".


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