Jordan 13 black cat

Jordan 13 black cat

Jordan 13 black cat

It just came in as in the mail yesterday and I'm so excited. I am wearing this with the black skinny jeans I bought too. The only bad thing is the size. I normally wear a 9 and its a size 10 in this shoe so I'm a little disappointed. I also think they are kinda thin. I need to have a pair of Nike's. I want to wear them in this spring when I get back to the states. By the way they feel so nice on my feet and I love the material. Oh well, what do you expect for $40?!

The reason I ask if you want a shoe that does not require too much breaking in is because when I have tried to break in leather shoes, the results have not been favorable and they get too stiff and I end up throwing them away.

The reason I ask if you want a shoe that does not require too much breaking in is because when I have tried to break in leather shoes, the results have not been favorable and they get too stiff and I end up throwing them away.

Well I wear sneakers a lot so I wanted a shoe that I could wear in the daytime and then wear with my jeans when I go out at night. The price was great and I love that its a brand that most people don't know about. I like the way it looks but I just think its too wide at the top of the shoe.

As a result of getting out of work, I don't have much time to post but I did want to let you know that I am a fan and I just wanted to let you know that you have made a good decision.

For the record, i also ordered a pair of Vans after seeing the ad, but mine came with a giant rip on the sole. So, like you, i sent them back and am waiting for a new pair to arrive.

I am currently wearing the Vans myself and they are a great shoe. The material is very comfortable. It is a tough shoe and has good traction. I am definitely a fan of Vans, as you can tell from my posts. I own a few pairs in various sizes. I have never had a pair of shoes that are so comfortable.

The only thing I didn't like about them was the width. They run big in the toe and narrow down just a bit in the front. So, if you wear size 9 or 10, you should order a size down.

But, I think that all of Vans shoes run big. I remember seeing a pair of old school Chucks that fit very small, but they weren't the old school shape. And I remember seeing a pair of Chucks that had gotten wide just in the last few years. So, I don't know why Vans shoes are so different than the others.

I wish I could get a pair in 9.5. I've worn a 6.5 for a long time but they just aren't comfortable for me anymore. I think that is probably what I'll be wearing in the coming months.

Thanks for posting this. I'm new here, so be kind. I haven't worn Vans in a while. I used to wear them all the time.

Anyway, I saw an ad on this site for Vans and decided to order a pair. But there was no size listed. The guy who was helping me, even when I asked him about the size, didn't know. He said it was possible that they might come in a smaller size than listed because they run big. So, the only option was to order a size bigger than I normally wear. But, I don't know if I'm happy about it.

Does anybody have any feedback on these Vans? If so, do you think they run big? I would prefer an answer because I like to get recommendations from people who are more experienced with Vans than I am. Also, I'm afraid that if I order these, I won't wear them because they will be too small.

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These are good Vans. I wore the 6's for three years, though I had to have the leather side cut off my left shoe because it was literally falling apart. I never looked back. I'm a size 10 in everything else, so you should be fine.

I wore a pair of vans my first day on campus in 2008. They were $99 for the canvas and $139 for the canvas with the red leather. I bought the red ones and had to have the leather part cut off. When I first got them I couldn't get used to the size difference between my foot and the shoe. I started wearing them with a wide toe box and I have been wearing them ever since.

I wear a 6 1/2 and I have both the red and white on. I think they are a good shoe. I found that the shoe was big in the toe area and I wore my usual 6 in most other areas. But if I'm going to wear these all day everyday they are a little on the large size. My recommendation would be to get the shoe true size and get a wider toe box. They are comfortable and you shouldn't have to alter them to fit you correctly.

For the "price", I would get a pair of vans. I bought my first pair when I was about to enter the Marines. They are still going strong.

I think I'm going to get the white seems that they would be a good fit for school. I'd like to get them in red, but the shipping is almost $100. The price of the white pair, is the shipping included? I tried to find the other pair of Vans and the website wouldn't

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