Meadow run dog park

Meadow run dog park

Meadow run dog park

A little story about dog parks…

We had a great dog park for about five years when I moved into my house. In the spring of 2008 we had an “earthquake.” Our street was closed off for construction of new homes, so we had to walk two miles to find another park. There was no grass, it was very hot, and it was a bit scary for kids. It was a great dog park until it started to rn. The next day, we went to the city and asked for a dog park. One of our neighbors was the city rep. He agreed to ask if he could put one in and it was approved.

I was so happy for the park, my family loved it. The city wanted to start small by doing a 1/3 acre park in someone’s front yard, with a leash law in effect. I told them we needed at least a half acre, so they went on the internet and searched. We have very few trees, so it wouldn’t be “pretty.” We would have to install fencing to keep the dogs inside, and there wouldn’t be grass for the dogs to run and roll around. My neighbor also told them she had just found out her family would be moving away and she didn’t want to have to leave the park.

There was a very long process to get the park approved. A community input meeting was done. Another public meeting was held with a few residents who wanted to give their input. Then it was on to the Planning Commission. They decided unanimously that the park was acceptable and recommended the mayor sign off on it. The city council also recommended it for the residents. All that happened in 2007.

In 2010 the county planning office wanted a master plan on dog parks. In September 2010, the city council approved that request. The planning office came to our community in May 2011 and presented to the city council a master plan for the park. They proposed doing a 1/3 acre with a leash law, and it would take up 1/3 of the avlable park space. It also gave them a “look-over” a few months after the approval of the master plan. They approved it, and they approved it unanimously.

A few months after the planning office’s meeting, the city council and the planning office approved the dog park. All the city council members were in favor of it. They voted unanimously, and they didn’t even discuss it.

Last month, the planning office came and did the “look-over.” They had come up with a plan they were going to approve. It was a “lifestyle” park. It was not for the park, it was a “park lifestyle” park. They had added a basketball court to the “lifestyle park” as if that would make it more desirable for people. There was no mention of the leash law, and it required “park style” design. The planning office did not like that.

The board wanted to change the plan to a leash law, and they sd there had to be a leash law and they weren’t getting one. They wanted the dog park to be just a “lifestyle” park and if they had to get a leash law, it was a big problem for them. The city council and the planning office sd no. They approved it.

There is no leash law in that park now. The master plan sd there was going to be a leash law and a fence around the park. They even sd that the leash law wasn’t required, but they wanted to do it. In the last months, the planning office has talked about the leash law, but there was no mention of it for months. Now they come up with this nonsense about an accessory dog park.

They have a leash law here in the city of Austin now, but the park is a “lifestyle” park and the council says it is okay. They sd it is not for the park, it is just a “lifestyle” park. The Planning Department sd it had to be a lifestyle park, but the council says that is okay.

But not with that design. The council is trying to change the plan of that park into a leash law park. It is an accessory dog park, a place for people to walk their dogs without a leash, but that is not what the master plan says. That is the last thing it says about that park. It says they are going to create a fence and a leash law and it will have to have a great many design issues. There was not a mention of it for months. Now they are talking about it.

We can keep on talking about the master plan of Central Park. That doesn’t change what they will do with the park.

The council is going to turn a recreational and park into a lifestyle park. They are going to fence it in and then it will have a leash law. It is an accessory park, but they are going to turn it into a lifestyle park.

The city is changing the master plan to create a new set of rules for a park that is not a park. The park is not going to change. The park is not a dog park or a leash law park. The council can call it a leash law park, but it is not. It is just a little park.

When they talk about changing it, it is a very important issue for the rest of the community. We have to understand what they are going to do. We have to understand that what they do has a major impact on the rest of the community.

We need to make sure that we are on the right track with this whole thing. We are not going to stand for what we feel is a travesty to this park. If we lose this park, we are going to have to come back for it and fight for it agn. This is going to be the same as with the other park. We are going to fight for it agn.

We need to support the parks. We need to protect what we have. If we don’t do that, it will be lost in a long, long time.

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