Do dogs eyelashes grow back

Do dogs eyelashes grow back

Do dogs eyelashes grow back?

I want to buy new dog eyelashes because mine are a bit short. I've already started using them, but my dogs look kind of weird. When I look at my own eyelashes, they look normal. So I don't know if it will still look normal when she gets them in. I have a little black and white and a brindle boy. The little black and white one, his is growing longer, I guess. But what about the brindle one. Will it grow back?


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2/18/2012 2:35:45 PM

The hair on your dog's eyelids is not under their control. It is the same as their body hair, if you take away the hair on their body, it will grow back.

Abracadabra! You don't say. But the hair on dogs' eyelids will grow back, if they have it in the first place. I know this from experience. My poodle had a tumor in the area that covered his upper eyelid, and it had to be removed. The vet said the eyelashes would grow back, so I kept him on the drug to keep it from happening. We had to wait a year before he was cured. He was the only poodle I had, and I had him to grow a new litter, so that was a year he didn't have his eyelashes, but that year he had them back.

Another dog I had at one time also had her eyelashes plucked out because they became infected and irritated. She had no eyelashes left on her, but within six weeks, they had grown back. You can find more information about this in a book called, "Canine Care and Management," by Michael Miller. He states that it is normal for a dog to have some of their eyelashes plucked off if they are overgrooming, and it is also normal to have a few more on after this procedure is done.

A lot of people don't realize that a dog's eyelashes are just as important as their hair is to a dog. The hair on a dog's body is important, too, because it keeps the dog cool and gives them a lot of insulation to stay warm, but the eyelashes are more important for grooming purposes. They can be trimmed, soiled, and kept clean.

A dog can grow their eyelashes, but it takes a while, sometimes years. I used to trim mine myself. You can use nail clippers, and you may have to get an electric trimmer to make the process go faster. The nail clippers work for a while, but it's a little bit harder to take them off, especially if you need to go over the same spot twice. An electric trimmer, however, is much faster and easier to use. My dog likes the electric trimmer, but I have to keep my fingers out of his face when I'm using it.

You can order a doggy lash clip to put on a dog's eyelashes so they don't have to grow back. This does keep them from growing back at the same time, but you'll still need to keep them trimmed with the electric trimmer. The clip keeps the eyelashes from growing as fast, so they can still be used for grooming. It is a great idea if your dog has been overgrooming.

Good luck, and I hope your little black and white girl grows back a nice set of eyelashes.

What is the cause of my dog's lack of eyelashes?

Hi there! My dog is 4 months old and I was told that when she's around a year, she'll have eyelashes. She does have eyelashes, but they are really, really short. So I was wondering what the cause of this might be.


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2/18/2012 2:35:44 PM

I can tell you that the cause of your dog's lack of eyelashes will most likely have to be determined by a vet. He/she will need to examine your dog's eyes, and maybe x-ray the area to see if there is any internal damage.

I would think that it will be some sort of genetic problem.

What are some good ways to get my dog's eyelashes back?

I have a 6 month old pug who has had his eyelashes removed. I can't really seem to find any information on getting them back, so I'm looking for some advice.


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2/18/2012 2:35:47 PM

Hi, and welcome to Pet Answers!

There is no way to get your dog's eyelashes back. They have all grown back by now. You could put eyelash clips on your dog's eyes to keep them from growing back. There are many different kinds of eyelash clips that are used for different breeds, but I don't have any details on this in the archives.

I hope you get some useful information here, and please come back to answer other questions.

Is it normal for dogs to lose their eyelashes?


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2/18/2012 2:34:43 PM

It is normal for dogs to lose their eyelashes and grow new ones. But sometimes their owners think they are losing their eyelashes, when in fact, they are just getting a new set of eyelashes.

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