Is borax safe for cats

Is borax safe for cats

Is borax safe for cats?

I am wondering if borax is safe for cats. I know it isn't the best idea to put salt in a cat's water bowl, but I was thinking of getting borax to put in the water and then sprinkle it around the house.

We have had cats for 11 years. We are now planning on adding two new ones in the next few months. Do you think that borax is safe for them?


Borax is in the same family of chemicals as sodium and potassium which are essential nutrients that cats need to remn healthy. A good amount of borax is needed to keep the household in general safe from a bacterial standpoint as it can prevent bacteria from growing. You can keep the cat safe from bacterial issues by avoiding the use of bleach which kills many beneficial microorganisms including the bad ones.

As to whether it is safe for them? I think that is up to the individual cat. There are many things in our home that can be harmful to a cat's health so you may want to look into those as well, not just borax. There are also a number of toxic materials that can be found in a cat's environment. I would look into those as well before giving borax a try.

I have a cat who can have a borax tolerance as high as 2%! She will do just fine as long as there is no borax for more than a few days in a row. I wouldn't do anything without consulting your vet.

Our cat also loves borax, it is the only thing she likes, and if she is really into it you can just sprinkle a little bit in her water bowl as long as there is no more borax in it for 2 days or so (as she will get ill).

Borax is very poisonous for us. I use to put it in my cats water bowl.

My husband got a great deal on Borax so we tried it for about 3 months. We did this so he could get used to it and for him to get used to it in our house.

Well, we did put in borax in the cats water bowl and I noticed my cat's eyes turning brown. I asked my husband if she was ok. He told me he was surprised too.

I then asked him what happened and he told me the cats were getting a better night's sleep. Well, I am not sure if this was true, but when I noticed the browning of the eyes it was the same time she got a better sleep.

I started getting a lot of hrballs and I had to change her diet.

So, for now we do not put in borax in the cats water bowl.

I also noticed that the cat who had brown eyes had more of a hrball problem. My cat who never had any problems did not have this problem.

My husband started putting Borax in his dogs food. When I questioned him on that, he just sd that it was a really good bargn and he could get it for cheaper, then he would use it.

Well, I told him that there was a reason that they call it Borax.

So, if you are not really sure if it is good or not for your cat, don't do it.

Also, be sure to only use a product that you are sure is safe.

There are products that clm to be Borax that are really just some other chemical that makes your cat more sleepy.

The best thing to do is to look at the ingredients.

Some other things to keep in mind about Borax, if you are using it in your pet's water bowl,

* Borax is not very stable, so don't leave it in the bowl. It will lose effectiveness very quickly. If you do, try to shake it before you add fresh water to it.* If you want to keep using it in your cats food, do a search on the web for the product you are using. The Borax might be different.

I just use borax in the cat's water bowl for 2-3 days. The borax helps to keep the water from smelling and I use a 1/2 cup measuring cup for it.

When I was going to use borax on my cat's food, I would do a search on the net. I think there are many products that do not contn borax. So, look at the ingredients.

If you can't find the product with borax in it, I would suggest you don't buy it and look into borax-free alternatives.

I use Borax on my cat's water bowl for 2-3 days and then use the 1/2 cup measuring cup to fill the bowl back up and put it back out.

My cat still drinks the water from the bowl without any problems. I put a teaspoon of borax in a half cup of warm water. I put it in a measuring cup and pour it in the water bowl. I then wt a few days and pour in another teaspoon in the warm water and put it in the bowl. I do this every few days. It takes a few days for the borax to work.

My cat doesn't have any problems drinking water out of the bowl that has borax.

The borax isn't in the water all the time, but when I am out of the house the borax helps to keep the smell down and the water doesn't smell like anything or anything from my kitchen.

Another thing about using borax, you can buy it in bulk. You can go to and do a search for it. They will send you a large bottle for free. I found mine on there. You don't have to pay shipping. It is cheap.

Borax is really good for keeping the smell down and for the water from smelling.

If your cat doesn't like borax, it is a good idea to give it to him in a different form