Cat ear baseball cap

Cat ear baseball cap

Cat ear baseball cap

The cat ear baseball cap is a baseball cap with a curved "cat's ear" bill (a term of derision) with ear-like projections on each side of the bill. It was named after its appearance, at first it was made with a circular bill, much like the shape of a baseball and resembling a cat's ear, but since the 1950s it has become more and more rectangular.

The cat ear is the most popular style of modern baseball cap. It was invented and trademarked by Louis Glavis in 1924. He clmed that he had invented it to provide a stylish alternative to the baseball cap with a strght bill, but it was soon imitated by other manufacturers. Glavis registered the trademark name "cat's ear" and later licensed it to several companies who sold the design under a variety of names and colors.

In 2008, manufacturers of cat ear style caps made up about one-third of all US dollar value cap sales.

In popular culture, the cap is widely associated with the late 1980s and early 1990s, when it was sold by a variety of manufacturers in different colors, many with cartoon or other designs on them.


The most common style of modern cat ear cap has a rectangular bill with a curved front end and a flat top. The most common color of cap for women is black, for men it is grey, but it can also be made in a range of other colors including pink, orange, blue, lime, turquoise, light blue, bright yellow, silver, light red, brown, and white.

The cap is also avlable in many different shapes and sizes. It is avlable in standard large, medium and small sizes as well as some sizes in extra-large, youth sizes and a novelty style with a wide bill. Some manufacturers also offer caps in a range of colors with a black or grey top. The cap itself is made of a stiff cotton or synthetic fiber.

Design history

Since its creation in 1949, it has often been confused with the traditional round pillbox style of hat, however, the current shape is the result of multiple designs of the style of hat first appearing in the early 1950s.

Some companies still make round hats of this shape, but the majority of companies that do make them, including the original company, make the round shaped caps with a flat top in a rectangular shape.

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