Are petunias poisonous to cats

Are petunias poisonous to cats

Are petunias poisonous to cats?


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It is not advised to feed pets any sort of food from their owners' kitchen, but since there is no specific food that is known to be poisonous to cats, petunias are not considered to be toxic. It is still good practice to keep cat food away from pets, and make sure pets have safe access to water.

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Petunias are not a poisonous plant, but one of the common ones that are not considered safe for pets to eat is the buttercup. Although petunias contn calcium, phosphorus and potassium, they are not considered toxic if ingested by a pet. However, there are some types of petunias that can cause vomiting and diarrhea.

It is still important to keep an eye on cats and remove any that are sick or appear to be otherwise impred by having ingested food. While pets are usually too dumb to realize the difference between the food they are supposed to eat and the toxic petunias, some cats do recognize the difference. Owners should clean and re-feed any pets that have eaten petunias. If the cat has also eaten garlic, this will also neutralize any possible toxin.

It is not recommended to feed pets any food from their owners' kitchen. Pets can accidentally eat food that is meant for human consumption and become sick. This is especially true if pet owners leave food out that is tempting for pets to eat. If pets ingest human food, they should be treated by a veterinarian immediately. The last thing a pet owner wants to experience is a visit to the vet for something like this, since the cost is usually around $300 or more.

Petunias: Dangerous Food for Pets

Pets that have ingested petunias, also know as buttercups, can display vomiting, diarrhea, depression and other signs of illness. A pet owner should take any of these symptoms as a sign that their pet may have ingested something that is poisonous, since these pets may not show any of these symptoms unless they are seriously ill.

Although petunias are not known to cause any harm to pets, it is a good idea to try to locate any that have been in a pet's immediate area. This can be as simple as looking for crushed petunias in a cat's litter box. If pets ingest a large quantity of petunias, a vet may be necessary. Fortunately, poisoning is very rare with petunias.

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