When the dog is out dmx

When the dog is out dmx

When the dog is out dmx-mute the music

How does the dog feel when he is out in a dmx zone?

This is what I am asking myself: When my dog is out in my home with the music "on", he has a great time. When I am home and the music is "on", he is excited for us to come home.

Now, in my dmx-mute mode, the music does not matter to him and I can hear every noise the dog makes while I am cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, and while he is out on his walks or taking his little jaunts around my neighborhood. It is really difficult to hear what he is up to when he is in that mode, but I do hear him.

When the music is off and I am home (or wherever), the dog doesn't care what the music is or is not. I hear all the noises the dog makes in this mode, but he only makes them when he is out and about. When he is inside and the music is off, he is either sleeping, playing, or sitting around doing his business.

So in short, if I am at home, out the door, and the dog is out and I am listening to music, I can hear the dog. When he is home, he cannot hear me and the music. If I'm in the other room, out the door, and the dog is outside, he can hear me, but I can't hear him.

How do I get him to hear me when I am home and the music is "off"? What do I need to do to make it happen? Do I need to do more than have the radio turned down while I am home? Does he need to be with me? How long should I be gone before he should hear me? Is there a setting in the dmx-mute?

I'm thinking I should give this a try. It would be a shame to have to stop playing music and to get up and get my phone just so that I can leave the music on. Any suggestions, tips, or recommendations are welcome.


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